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High Schools International’s academic programme offers teenagers around the globe the opportunity to learn English and study abroad in Ireland, which has recently been accredited for being one of the world’s highest performing developed countries in education.

Hundreds of students of different nationalities travel to Ireland every year through HSI with the intention of immersing themselves into typical everyday life in Ireland. This is because of Ireland’s high education standards, which is attributed to the fact that Ireland is a country which has high expectations for all of its students to progress in their studies and attend university.

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HSI has always found Ireland to be a great country for exchange students to study abroad due to the award-winning scenic regions and the abundance of highly esteemed schools. We have developed a strong network of carefully selected schools around the country that focus on producing a standard of great teachers who take the time to assist struggling students with their studies. This quality is believed by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) as a key reason why Ireland boasts a below average percentage of underachieving students and an average high performance across all Irish schools.

More than 14% of the 6,000 registered Irish students who participated in the test were in Ireland as an exchange student, and the OECED report highlights that those studying in Ireland excelled particularly in science, maths and reading. It is findings like these that make HSI proud of the effort we go to in placing students in the right schools, like Malen, our medal winning swimmer, so that the students will have the opportunity to shape their futures in the best possible way while improving their English and having a memorable year.

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