Category: 2015/16 Yiran L. (China)

Hello! My name is Yiran Liu. I`m a girl living in Gansu Lanzhou in China, I am 15 years old. I have just finished my junior school and I am full of hope with the prospect of going to start my junior high school studies in Ireland. I am going to write a regular blog for you so that you can share my experiences during my first year of school abroad, please read my blog and follow me through this exciting year of my life.

I`m a girl who likes dancing and to be free, even maybe a little bit crazy. But I love to be quite and peaceful too. Junior school life in China is too normal for me. Every day I put on my normal book bag. Walking on the normal road to the normal school. Everything was so normal that it made me feel bad. I think my life cannot be only like this. I need to do something to change this way. So I decided to do a study abroad programme.

Last year’s summer vacation I went to Ireland I thought what a wonderful country it is. I began to like this country very much. When I visited Ireland I liked the environment there and the people were really kind. It looked very different to China. People in Ireland live in the house not in the apartment like we do here in China, and I even saw some people breeding horses in their house! That made me really surprised!! Although not everybody does this in Ireland haha.

I liked Ireland so much that then I decided to go there to start my junior high school. In China I study Chinese, English, Math, P.E and a lot more classes. There maybe 1,000 or more students in my school and 70-75 students study within each class, so it can be very crowded in each class. I wonder, what will it be like in my school in Ireland?

The junior high school in Ireland, in my mind, is built as a beautiful place and everyone is kind in there. I really hope I can have a best friend at school. I love sports very much, high jump is my favourite because I can do it very well, so I hope I can do this at my school in Ireland.

I know I will miss my family very much, but I wish I can have a happy time in my junior high school life and have lots of stories to tell them. This picture with my blog is of me and my family this summer, before I leave to go to Ireland.

Liu Yiran