Category: 2014/15 Gloria H. (China)

The factors that made me get settled into an entirely new British private school ware not only the help from my teachers, housemistress, but also including the care from my guardian. She really played a necessary role in my study life in UK. As a result, I would like to introduce my guardian to you guys!

The name of my guardian is Caroline Butler, who is working for HSI now. She goes to my school and visits me once a month. Every time, she will ask about my recent study and after-school activities, whether or not I have come up with some problems in academic study, the sports that I take part in and so on. As she is interested in everything happened on me, I always have a feeling that she is one of my friends that enjoy to share funny stories with me. Also, every holiday such as half term, us students are not allowed to stay at school. However, this kind of vacation sometimes is too short to return to China, and I always stay in my host family. It is worth mentioning that the host family that my guardian find for me is always very friendly, willing to let me get involved in their family activities and wants to learn more about Chinese culture. One of my host family even invites me to have a sighting trip to France with them! In the other situation when I flies to China, then she always arranges my taxi from St Teresa’s School to Heathrow Airport carefully, and solve all the worries that I may have. In conclusion, she is a guardian who has done everything she could to help me, and I am so lucky to have such a friendly, kind guardian from HSI.

This week, I have just finish my Mock examination, and I got A for all my subjects, which inspired me a lot. When asked about learning skills, I suppose wherever you are, the combination of concentration in listening to the teachers in class and reviewing and grasping the knowledge can always leads to a good result. I have to say that this is a quite a short term and we have only two weeks left till Easter. However, every day seems to be stretched. It is difficult to determine whether I should complain or be glad. I want to go back to China and stay with my family, so I should complain about the length of each individual day. One of my friends will leave our school after Easter, so I am pleased to have more time that can be shared with her. In a word, after Easter, things will change a lot. What’s more, two weeks after Easter I should make full preparation for the official summer exams, which sounds truly horrible.

Thinking in this way, the ending of the first year in the UK is coming towards my classmates and me. The only thing I can do is to smile to every single day!