Category: 2017/18 Dmitriy K. (Ukraine)


My name is Dmitriy, and I’m going to the King’s Hospital School in Ireland this year. High Schools International have worked closely with their local partner here in Ukraine, to enrol me into the school. The school year begins on the 28th of August.

My family and I live in Odessa – a sunny city in the South of Ukraine. There are six of us, and we just love spending time together! I’ve have many hobbies like chess, and I am eager to see what will happen in my whole new life.

Odessa is a multinational city situated on the Northern shore of the Black Sea. It is also the city where I was born and where I’ve been living since 2001. This June, here in Odessa, I was graduated from middle school.

In this photo you can see some of the most famous places, but not only the landscapes and its architecture makes Odessa very attractive. People here are kind, remarkably humorous and very generous.

My relatives and I thought that going to Ireland will make me more mature. That will be a small step for the adult life where I will do everything by myself. It is an excellent opportunity to realise myself, to try how can it be and what is it to be a student in the Irish school. People should search and must build their future.



That is a picture of me buying a new suitcase! As August the 28th approaches, I am preparing more and more for the King’s Hospital, although without the help of my family I wouldn’t have done any steps.

I am feeling excited about the chance that I have, uncertainty about how I will use it and what is in the future and, of course, feeling gratitude.