Category: 2015/16 Clara M. (Spain)

My name is Clara, I’m 17, and I’m form Spain. It’s my second year here in Ireland, this year I’m doing sixth year in King’s Hospital, and it’s awesome. I really enjoyed fifth year, but this year is even better because we are in the blog, it’s a building apart of the school, where only the sixth year can go, and it’s really nice because you feel so independent.

I was supposed to come to Ireland just for one year, it cost me so much to convince my parents to come here in the first place, and now I fully understand why, I’m far away from home, and those small moments that I have time to actual use my phone, I’m so tired that I don’t really say anything that makes sense. But well, when I finally convinced them that it was a great opportunity to come to Ireland, to learn English and have new experiences and those kind of thing, my mum made me promise that I would be here just for a year, but here I am, waiting for my Leaving Cert.

I decided to stay because I had so much fun, so many nice experiences, I made so many good friend… And yeah, you can think that that’s what I’m supposed to say, but no, I’m fully serious, the friends I made here are going to be for life, in this school we have days pupils, five day boarders and seven day borders, and even if we get along with everyone, the seven day boarders we have become a family, it is just amazing how much time we expend together, and how well we know each other.

Another reason that made me stay here is that my personal change was completely amazing. When I left Spain for the first time I was a really lazy person, yeah I played water polo, but when the coach said “Come on Clara just two laps” I was like, no way, I’m not done for that, and now on the weekends, when I wake up I go for a run, I do three laps to the hole school, that is more or less 1.5km per lap, and yeah I’m proud. Well I’m going to keep going with sports, because I think is a nicer topic.

Last year I did so much, I played rugby, I went rowing in the Liffey, I went swimming… And this year I do so many other things that I can’t do anything. This year I decided to get in the French debate, but I can’t debate because my mum is French, so they wouldn’t allow me, but I help them with their pronunciation and stuff, that was really time consuming, I didn’t expected, and more before the actual debate, but we won’t be anymore, because we have just lost our first debate, so we can’t do another one… I auditioned as well for the musical, Oliver Twist, and I got in, I’m a dancer, but that takes me so much so much time, normally the rehearsals are for five hours or so, it’s brutal. And then the sixth year girls we are preparing a dance that we have to do in the talent show, before midterm, it’s a tradition of this school, but how we just have two week left, and we have prepared 40 seconds out of ten minutes everyone is a little bit stressed out. So that’s what I do, while I was supposed to go to rugby, and my coach is quite angry, because I haven’t been there for the last 3 weeks.

But well, I hope that when all those dances finish I’ll be able to go back to my routine, because right now I’m in a chaotic situation. But it’s the start of the year, I suppose everyone is, even if it’s already been 6 weeks, but everything goes so fast, even faster than last year, and I can’t stop and realise that time is passing and I’m not noticing it.