Fun things to keep you occupied during lockdown…


As both the UK and Ireland remains in a national lockdown, this week’s #StudyAbroadTip looks at fun and interesting things you can do to keep yourself occupied.

Time is something a lot of us have at the moment, but that doesn’t mean that we have to waste it.

Check out our ideas on how to keep busy during this lockdown…

1. Bond with your host family

Use this lockdown as a great way to get to know your host family more. Play board games, make puzzles, bake or watch movies! Utilise this time to really get to know your host family and bond with them, as before you know it you will be back to your busy schedules.


2. Exercise!

Exercise is an excellent way to clear the mind and keep healthy and sane during lockdown. Make sure you get some exercise at least once a day whether it’s going for a run, a walk or doing some stretching in your room. Especially if you’re having a down day, it’s a fantastic way to make both your mind and body strong this lockdown!


3. Organise your room

If you find yourself struggling with things to do, why not do something productive and clean/organise your room. Rearranging some bits and bobs can give you a fresh new mindset and a tidy room is a tidy mind. Plus, your host parents will be glad!


4. Plan what to do after lockdown

Just because you can’t do anything at the moment doesn’t mean that you will always be in lockdown. Why not get planning a get together with a couple of friends for when lockdown ends. Then it will give you something to look forward to which is always exciting!


5. Write a journal

During lockdown you will have plenty of time to yourself. Why not use this time to reflect on everything you have been up to since beginning your study abroad programme. Writing a journal is a great way to materialise your experiences so far so that you can look back on it once you go back to your home country. Print out some pictures of your new friends, write down school projects you’re proud of, collect cinema tickets etc.…


6. Catch up on school work

Even though lessons are continuing, the weekends are a perfect time to make sure you are on top of all your studies. With no distractions or things to disturb you, catch up on any work you may have struggled with or are not sure on, that way you will be confident and fully prepared for your future lessons.


7. Relax!

Although sitting still is easy for some and not for others, it is perfectly okay to have those days where you just do…nothing. Relax, read a new book, watch your favourite movie and just take some time to yourself. Something to consider is not to compare your lockdown experience to others as each one is different. It doesn’t have to be the most productive time ever; it is completely normal and okay to have a couple days where you just relax. You may never have this much time to yourself again so cherish it!


Lockdown is not easy and having a lot of free time can be slightly overwhelming for some, but that doesn’t mean that it has to be a complete waste of time.

Relax and take a breather! Find a balance in your day to day between productive tasks and activities that keep your mind and body healthy.

Work on yourself and the relationships around you, as before you know it you will be out of lockdown, back to busy schedules and you may even miss the quiet days at home!

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