Why Study Overseas?

“The benefits of studying abroad are almost endless” – Michelle Obama

A High School study abroad programme will mean different things to different people but one thing is for certain:  it is a life experience which you will never forget and will change you for the better.

Many people who are considering studying at a High School in the UK, Ireland, the USA or Canada are making plans for their future.  It is undoubtedly true that gaining access to a particular University is easier if you have already been studying in the country where that University is located.

This means that, for many people who want to go to University in a country different than their own, enrolling on a High School programme and sitting High School exams in that country offers them the best possible chance of obtaining a place at their desired University.

In order to gain High School qualifications, most schools in most countries will require students to complete a two-year course before they can sit the High School exams.  For a lot of students this is a very exciting prospect, but for others, they want to experience school-life overseas, without spending two years away from their home country.

Many students undertake a High School study abroad programme on a shorter term basis, perhaps just one year, or maybe even just one semester or one or two terms.  These students tend to have a different objective to those studying a full two-year programme.

They will generally not gain qualifications from their study abroad experience, but they will return to their home country to continue with their studies and gain their High School diploma at home.  Students on a short-term study abroad experience still benefit from the cultural experience, from living and learning in another language and from making new friends and contacts from around the world.  Even on a one term programme, students are guaranteed to improve their English language ability significantly.

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