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Happy New Year everybody!!!


December went by really fast and not a lot happened. My first term was about to end and I had a few tests and assignments. Me and my host sister still enjoy our daily walks and exploring new places. We also did a big puzzle which took us a really long time.

I noticed that here in Southampton they have may more Christmas lights and decorations than in Germany and they are also more colourful here.

I once saw this house that was decorated like crazy!


On Thursday 17 December I flew back to Germany for the holidays. I was a little bit nervous because I organised the whole trip myself and it was only the second time I flew by myself.

But everything worked out! My dad picked me up in Hamburg and we drove home. The first days home felt really weird because it felt so familiar but also so different.

I enjoyed ‘exploring‘ my home town again and I realised how much I love my town. My family and I did bike tours and, as every year, we cut our Christmas tree.

One evening, we watched a concert of our favourite band via livestream. It was really great but I am looking forward to seeing real concerts again.


In Germany we celebrate on Christmas Eve. In the morning we put up our tree and decorated it. We would normally go to church in the afternoon but because of Covid we went for a walk instead.

We ended up walking three hours and arrived home later than expected. We had dinner and opened our presents afterwards.

I got my family some presents from England and they were very happy about them. On the 27th, we drove to the nearest mountains and saw snow.

I was so excited because were I live it doesn’t snow that often!



New Years Eve was quieter than normal because it was forbidden to sell fireworks and you could only use fireworks from the years before.

So my parents and I went to some friends and mainly played board games the whole evening. At midnight we went outside and I was surprised how many fireworks we could see despite the ban of selling them.

I arrived back in England on Sunday the third and now I am doing my first day of quarantine.


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