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Hello everybody and happy new year!

December went by so fast, and a new year has started! But, let’s talk a little bit about December.

Personally, I love Christmas, so on the first of December I decorated my room, and it turned out really nice!

Unfortunately, December is a month with a lot of exams, so I spent a lot of time studying this month.

Luckily my friends were just as nervous about the Christmas exams as I was, so we arranged a lot of “study dates” that made the studying a little more enjoyable.




Between all the studying I had to do some Christmas shopping, therefore my friends and I went to the city centre almost every weekend.

The Christmas decorations in town were so beautiful, and the stores were packed all December!

Just look at Trinity College all lit up! Doesn’t it look nice?



I have also been to the Stella Theatre with my friend Nina.

The Stella Theatre is a really beautiful cinema located in Rathmines. We watched the new Christmas movie “Last Christmas”.

The movie wasn’t too good, but the theatre was stunning. We had our own couch with a table on each side, and we sat on a balcony!

I don’t know about you, but I have never been to a cinema like this before.


Then the week of the exams came…

We had 6 exams in one week, and this was very new to me. I even had three exams in one day! I think they all went okay though. The day after we finished our last exam was the last day of school before Christmas, we were allowed to dress up for Christmas!

This was just a really chill day in school where we played games, sang Christmas songs and cleaned the classrooms.

We also finished early, so Nina and I went to the city centre for the last time in 2019. It was also Ninas last day in Ireland, because she is not coming back after Christmas. I am really sad about that, but I am definitely visiting her in Italy soon!


On the 21st of December it was time to go home! So I have been celebrating Christmas at home with my family, friends and dogs in Norway.

It has been so nice to be home and see everyone again! To be completely honest, I am a little afraid of how it will be for me to get back to Ireland again, but at the same time, I know that this Christmas would not have been as good as it was if I didn’t go for an exchange. Being away for awhile just made me realise how much I appreciate the people that I have at home!

This picture shows how happy I was to see my friends again.

There is so much to look forward to during the next five months in Ireland. I am hoping this term will be even better than the first one!

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