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Hi and welcome back to my blog!

I cannot believe that I am almost for three months in England. The time is just amazing!

At the beginning from my second months I had my half term holidays. In these days I visited my best friend in Southampton for one day and met my friends here in Brighton.

The week after half term I had my first exams in English. I was very happy that I had only two exams in English because if I had Maths GCSE I would have had three more exams in Maths.

We had the exams in the morning for 1.5 hours and after the exam we had our normal classes. We will get the results for our exams back in January. In my opinion it is very late.



The English Government decided on the 5th of November that England has to go into a lockdown for one months (until the 2nd of December).

This means that all shops, which are not essential, have to close. Furthermore, we could meet outside with only one person from an other household. But we were all very happy that the schools didn´t close because if they would close, I would have be so bored.

Therefore, I couldn´t meet my friends at the weekend again and we couldn´t go to the city after school and have lunch together.

Hence, we decided that we will go on the 4th of November one last time for lunch together in the city after school.  On this day we went to a dinner in Brighton because we thought that it has to be a bit special.



On the 5th of November we had a firework in the evening because this is an annual commemoration. This day is called “Guy Fawkes Night“ or “Bonfire Night“.

At one weekend I went to the Brighton Marina with my host family. The Brighton Marina is like little harbour in Brighton. We had a little walk along the ocean. This was so nice!

At this evening I made a German dinner for my host family. I made “Pfannkuchen mit Apfelmus“ which means “Pancakes with applesauce“. My host family said that they were very delicious.


At the other weekends I visited my friend and we walked her dog around her neighborhood.

One day my friend and I went to Brighton and took photos for photography together. On the main shopping street we saw the Christmas decoration already. Therefore, I am in a Christmas mood already and I am very excited for Christmas.

I am looking forward for next weeks when the lockdown is over and when December is coming. Then I will go with my friends Christmas shopping!

That´s it for my blog from November. Because of the lockdown did not happened that much but I am sure that more will happen in December.

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