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Another month is coming to an end...

Another month is coming to an end. It feels like the time is passing by way too fast. There are still a lot of things that I want to do but luckily, I got to do one of those this month: I went to Galway with my host family.

We all had some Christmas presents to buy for both family members and friends. Since we are all participating in a Christkindl which is the same as Secret Santa where we had to buy a gift for one of the people in my host family.

I sadly couldn’t do a lot of other things this month because school is taking up most of my time and it’s very difficult to go somewhere else. That’s why I will mostly be talking about Galway this time.


My host parents Ann and Michael drove all of us to Galway and we received a rainy welcome. We arrived at around 11 am. Then we split up into the same groups as usual again. I walked around with the 14-year-old boy from France and we had a lot of fun together. At that time, the streets weren’t crowded, so it was easy to not lose each other. However, all of that changed after we had our lunch: fish and chips.


As soon as we walked out of the restaurant, we immediately realized how popular Galway is. The streets were full of people and it was even more crowded at the Christmas market.

Yes, Christmas market! It was a lovely, small one that had lots of foods to offer and we decided to buy some fudge. It was eaten a little later near the cathedral.


We had bought all our presents (just in case you were wondering, I bought a crystal necklace for Christkindl) and enjoyed our little snack next to a lake. We had just enough time to get a glance at most parts of the city and then it was time to go home. As always, we listened to some Irish traditional music on the radio and told Michael about our day.

When all of us were at home, we had some tea and talked for a while. It was a lovely end for that day.


It rained a lot for the following week or two which meant that we had barely any chance to go outside without getting soaked and making our host parents mad. So yeah, I mostly stayed at home and played with the dogs, just like the other host students here.

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