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Hi, that’s me again!

This is a picture of us in the Dublin Zoo – one of the best attractions in Ireland. On a rare sunny Irish day, the zoo becomes an excellent place with a variety of fascinating animals.

But I’m sure that walking alone there would have been a waste of time! You can only have fun with a group of friends.

Moreover, you can meet a lot of new people that know exciting stories, have jokes to tell, advises on every aspect of life. Make friends – they make lifeless life colourful.

These are our beds tidied exclusively for the blog post. Living in a room with four other boys from Transition Year is fun, and also we get on well. In fact, most of the daytime we spend together.

Boarding accommodation isn’t bad; there is also nothing unusual about it, and, on top of that, it’s just enough for four people. Sport is an essential part of life in 21st century. In The King’s Hospital, we have a lot of rugby fields, hockey field, sports hall, swimming pool, gym.

Personally, I do sport six days a week, mostly, swimming, running and basketball. I enjoy playing sport in breaks from my never ending school work, as regular exercising help to perform better as a student. This is a view of football and rugby court in excellent weather.

Friends play a significant role in any sphere of life. People study from friends, study with friends, explore, talk, have fun! Especially when you are seven days a week in school.

Almost everybody wants to help, therefore the more questions you ask, the faster you get in the school life. I even write out issues that I want to ask about on a sheet of paper, as there are a lot. You shouldn’t forget about studying! That is a picture of us playing FIFA on Sunday.

Studying in the Transition Year is something interesting to discuss.

First of all, every midterm subjects from you timetable change, so that in one year you can try all of them and choose what you want to study in 5th or 6th form.