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Wow, another month has passed!
I am not gonna lie, I have been feeling pretty homesick lately, but I guess homesickness is just something most exchange students will have to deal with anyway… I have learnt that it is actually all about the mindset. I mean, I don’t really have anything to complain about, so in hard times, I try to focus on the positive sides, because there is a lot of them!

Enough about that now! Let’s talk about what I have been doing, I have actually been doing so much since I wrote my last blog post! First of all, we had a Halloween dress up in school the last day before our mid term break. There is just something special about dressing up in school here in Ireland, because we normally wear uniforms everyday. Everybody was dressed up, even the teachers! I dressed up as Freddie Mercury, but unfortunately I don’t have any pictures… After school the same day I went to Liverpool to meet my family. It was really nice to see them again, and we did a lot of fun stuff in Liverpool.

This is my dad, brother and me at Anfield Road, watching Liverpool – Tottenham. Liverpool won the match and we were all happy!




I got back from Liverpool on the 30th of October, and I went to two Halloween parties.

One on the 30th, and one on the 31st. I really enjoyed both parties and there were so many good costumes!

I dressed up as a hippie, and look at all of my friend’s costumes, aren’t they awesome?

But then November started… I am not really a big fan of November to be honest. It just feels so long when you are waiting for Christmas you know. But I have been keeping myself busy and done a lot of fun stuff with my friends.



A few weeks ago my friend and I went on a Viking Splash Tour in the city centre. It is like a sightseeing tour in town where you sit in a car that can run on both land and water.

We look very silly, but we had so much fun!!

It is getting closer to Christmas, and I have already started doing some Christmas shopping. As I have mentioned before, the shopping here is a lot better than in Norway. Last week two of my friends and I went to Kildare Village for some Christmas shopping.


There is a pretty big outlet mall there with beautiful Christmas decorations. So we took the bus there and spent the day at the outlet mall.

Look how beautiful it is!

This place really got me in the Christmas spirit. Talking about Christmas, this is actually my last blog post before Christmas.

I am going home for two weeks at Christmas, and I am looking forward to celebrating Christmas and New Year’s Eve with my friends, family and dogs! Haha

Anyway, I wish you all a wonderful Christmas, and I will be back next year!

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