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Hey Friend,


It’s me again, I lost track of how long has been since I wrote to you. So much has happened this month, Halloween, half-term break, and a bunch of other stuff.

A few days after I wrote you the last letter I went to Paris for five days, I wasn’t alone though, I went with friend, we visited Disney.

This picture is in the evening when we were going home, exhausted because we visited the two parks in one day, it was fun, but I suppose that this Disney is more for children because there were just a few good rides, like the tower of terror, let’s agree, it’s a classic.




On the other hand the decoration of the parks it’s amazing and the environment is quite magical.

Another day we visited the Asterix park too, it was amazing, a lot of exciting rides, of all kinds of roller coasters, upside down, there is one without rails, one that must have more than 5 loops, it was the best amusement park I have ever visited.

It was way better than the Disney park.


The other days in Paris I visited the touristic points, I’ve been to Paris before, two time in fact, so I wasn’t concerned in go to the Eiffel tower, or the louvre museum, and I think this is what made the trip so relaxing and good, cause I didn’t had the internal obligation of visiting any museum just because it’s famous.

I truly love Paris, it is one of my favourite places in the world, it’s a beautiful city, with loads of things to do, places to visit. My favourite part of Paris is the Marais neighborhood, there are a lot of small stores, and good places to eat.

In my last day in Paris I decided to go visit the Champs-Élysées, it was the only day that the weather was good, for some reason the bad weather seems to follow whenever I go.

A few days after I came back it was Halloween, and Halloween here is so different from Halloween in Brazil, it’s shocking, here people decorate their houses with craved pumpkins, just like in the movies. I don’t have any pictures, just as I said before I’m not the person of taking pictures of everything.

I went to a Halloween party with my friend and it was so cool, everyone in costumes and it was possible to see the kids in the streets going trick or treating, and nothing even close to that happens in Brazil.

After half-term I decided to start exercising again, and my objective was to start running every day, because near the house I’m in there is a beautiful national park where I can jog and have beautiful views of the city, specially the sunset.

I can’t help fall more in love every time with this city, it is an amazing place full of life, beautiful views, and everything I wanted when I thought of doing a student exchange.


The only thing that bothers me the most is the sun, compared to Brazil the sun here doesn’t comes out nearly enough, and now that the winter is coming, the sun sets five in the afternoon, and when it is half past five it looks like it is ten in the evening what is bizarre for me.

But apart from that I love to be here, and even if I miss Brazil sometimes, and my friends all the time, it’s worth it, living here, experiencing everything, It is worth it.

Oh I was so excited to tell you everything that I forgot to ask how you are doing, hope you are well.

Write soon


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