Category: 2017/18 Niccolo F. (Italy)

It’s been one month and a half since I’m here and I’m used to life, food, weather. I met a lot of new friends here and this help me for improving my English speaking. I think that my speaking is already improved a bit. The subjects that I’m attending are going very well and now I find every easier compared to the beginning.

In all my blog I’ve never spoken about my HSI Guardian. My guardian’s name is Valerie Cales. She is a very nice, sympathetic and sociable lady. I’ve met her twice already, and I can contact her on the phone, text and email if I need to.

When we meet we talk about life in the boarding house and in the school. I told her all the activities that I attend. Valerie writes a report after we meet so that my parents in Italy have more information about how my programme is going.

Two weeks ago the school organized a football tournament, called Charity Football.

Everybody who want to play in this tournament have to pay £5 for charity. I played this tournament with other 5 guys.

We were 5 boarders in our team, only one guy isn’t a border. We played 5 matches, the first three matches were easy for us but the semi-final for me was the hardest one. It was the hardest match because the match finished 0-0 and we had kick penalties. Fortunately we managed to win, the merit goes to the goalkeeper because he managed to save all the penalties.

We played a very good finale and we won the tournament! Here is me and my friends with the trophy.

I often went to London with Gianluca, an Italian guy and Max. Max comes from Hamburg, Germany. We talk English together because that’s our shared language.

The London Eye is one of the many places we visited. London is very big city, full of different people. When we go to London, we always go to Shake-Shack. It is a sort of fast food, there you can eat excellent burgers.

We also went to some parks like Hyde park, Embankment park, a little park near the river Thames and St James park. There you relax on the grass or talking with your friend.

Sometimes we also went shopping. When we want to go shopping we always go to Regents street and Oxford street. There you can find every kind of shops.

On Sunday the 15 I went with other 15 boys and girls to London to see a basketball match.

The match was played in the Copper Box Arena in Stratford, London. The match was really good played by London Lions, they won 104-53. I think that London Lions has a very good team with 3 excellent players for their championship.

I love watching basketball matches especially NBA matches. In the USA there are the most important, famous and the best basketball players of the entire world.

Sometimes when I have time I play basketball with the other borders but now it’s becoming colder and we play only on the weekend because we have more free time.