Category: 2014/15 Gloria H. (China)

The only feeling I have now is how time flies! Everything seems to just happen for a while. However, it is almost the end of my first term.

Since I arrive St Teresa’s, I have achieved quite a lot. I have the opportunity to choose the subject that is suitable for me. Also, taking parting into the after-school activity is full of fun. I joined the yoga and indoor cycling classes and enjoyed it a lot. It is also worth mentioning that I take part in the stock market challenge and the volunteer for the prep school. These things make sense in my life, as I have never done this kind of things before.

Indeed, not everything is flat and without barrier. I still remember that as this is my first time to study in another country and always use another language in the daily life, sometimes I did not catch up the teacher during the class. The most though time for me was when I had physics on electricity. Plenty of the academic phases confused me and I even did not have any solution! Sometimes the content is associated with GCSE, and it may be the complete new thing for me. To be honest, at that time, I felt hopeless and rejected myself. Somehow, laterdue to this sort of problem, I put more effort into improving my English and doing preview and review. This definitely benefits me a lot and helps me build up some confidence.

With the date of Christmas getting closer, the activities get various. For instance, we went to watch “THE HUNGER GAME 3”. Even the movie was in English, I am very pleased to find that I am able to understand most of the story. Also, we had a dance party for celebrating Halloween. A lot of delicious pizza and some horror CD were available in Mag House (Mag House is the main house for sixth form in St Teresa’s). In the party, I managed to make a pumpkin lamp with a big smile on it as well.

I had the fantastic experience to taste the traditional Britain afternoon tea. The hotel was in Guilford. My friend and I walked to there from the centre of the town and spent about twenty minutes. All the paths to the hotel had been covered by pretty leaves, and with some cool but not cold wind touching our skin, all the objects seemed to be in a romantic film. When we arrived there, the tea with some yummy dessert was a perfect combine. Time lost at such free and peaceful environment too.

Last but not least, I really enjoy my study life in St Teresa’s. Friendly person, experienced teachers, lots of labs, harmony atmosphere, excellent chances to challenge oneself…all these things have a positive influence on me and let me have a hopeful prospect for the next term.