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No kidding, exams are done and I am so happy!

As you may remember, I am doing the IB program, which is a 2 year course, and therefore the actual exams are going to take place at the end of year 13 (this time in one year). The exams I’ve just done are only mocks examinations, but they are important for the predicted grades everyone is going to get and then, eventually, send to university at the beginning of year 13, when the moment to apply to university comes. Everyone was really stressed about exams, but as my chemistry teacher said, “The bad part about doing exams should be the preparation. The exams themselves should be the easier part, if we work well doing revision.”

My exams went well. I found some of the papers quite difficult, like Biology or Maths, but overall I am quite happy and satisfied with the results. To be honest, those exams actually taught me that having a studying method is crucial. Starting revision early, although it may seem horrible, is what is actually best to do. And no one else but you is going to be disappointed if exams fail: entering university if something that I really want, and therefore I need to get some good grades in some specific subjects. If I do not get them, what I can do is work harder! Do not give up, aim at a better grade. We have still got 1 whole year ahead us, so there’s time to work and prepare ourselves for the actual exams.

The first day after the exams me and my friends organized a little party to celebrate the apparent “freedom”, gained straight after the exams (which is not going to last long, since school life has been started again as usual and we all do need to study!). The party was amazing and we all have so much fun. There are so many nice pictures from that night and I will attach one to this blog as well. We spent the night chatting, laughing, singing and being happy. Nothing could have been better, but the fact that now it’s over.

Anyway, parties finish and exams start again, usually before we can possibly imagine. Avoiding the thought of it is not good for us, because we should face what the life comes up with, when we like it and when we don’t. I hope that everyone’s examinations are going well, and if you didn’t get the grades you wanted, do not worry! There are still hundreds of possibilities you can get and enjoy.

Another thing I am quite happy about is my CAS hours. The IB program requires 150 hours of Creativity, Activity and Service to be completed over 2 years. I’ve basically finished them all, and this means that next year I don’t have to be concerned about doing sport or some projects for the school. Year 13 doing the IB program is usually very stressful because of all the things students need to do: coursework, homework, CAS hours, extended essay, TOK essay, and, of course, real exams coming! So at least I’ve already done of the longest things that are required.

The next blog I am going to write is probably going to be one of the lasts: this means that year 12 is going to be over. And so that’s it! I’ve done it! My first exchange year has gone. It has been almost 9 months since I am here in Canterbury and I’ve gained so much experience: leaving aside the 5 kilos I gained, now I feel wiser! Going out of my comfort zone helped me a lot understanding my areas of strength and weakness. And, again, I could not be happier

See you later!