Category: 2014/15 Armin O. (Czech Republic)

It has been whole two months since I started my college programme in the UK. I have had one of my best times in my life. Not only I developed academically but also I have had an amazing chance to meet fellow students from all around the world whose culture I would never be able to experience otherwise. I am tremendously grateful for it.

I am studying A-levels, classical British programme, which is two years long. I got to choose either four or three subjects which I wanted to study. I am studying History, Media Studies and Sociology. Colleges in the UK offer a variety of different and unusual subjects so you definitely can choose exactly what you are interested in.

The biggest strength of the UK education is that you can actually do what you truly enjoy. Furthermore, despite all the hard work that is naturally one of the factors of studying A-levels you get to develop your critical thinking and you gain a whole new spectrum of visions on the world.

Now, the beginnings are normally quite harsh but when you get the system it gets easier than you could imagine. Studying in the UK is definitely much more academic based rather than enrichment based like in the USA. Even so, you must choose at least one enrichment activity which perfectly spices your timetable and helps you to meet new friends interested in the same hobby.

I am a living example that everything is possible if you seriously wish for it. I started as everyone else, though I made a huge progress in both the academic as well as the social field. I have many new friends whom I spend my time with and I also improved in my subjects for almost two grades.

I am on a roller coaster which only goes up. Go ahead and buy a ticket to the adventure park. It is so much fun. Only thing you need is the drive called the passion.

“Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.”

-Oprah Winfrey