Category: 2014/15 Gloria H. (China)

It has been about one mouth and a half since I arrived in Britain. To be honest, I found plenty of difference between the school I attended in China before and ST Teresa’s.

I suppose that before I tell the difference, I would like to describe the life in a normal Chinese senior school. When the alarm woke me up, unfortunately, it was just about six in the morning. During the day, I would share a crowed classroom with other fifty people. With a lump of exercise paper beside us, the teacher seemed spent all his attention on the content in the book. We did not have a chance to make a choice for our academic study, and taking the university entrance examination has always been the most popular way.

However, the offer from ST Teresa’s has turned my life into a completely new page. I would never thought that I can choose the most suitable subjects for my A-level study, and only have 3 to 6 student in a room. I would never think that I could do a large amount of practical experiments instead of accepting the theory directly. I even cannot imagine that I can communicate with my tutors with any of my problems. Everything has changed!

The teacher always takes much time to let us do the experiment and be a guide in the study journey. It is worth mentioning that the work isn’t compulsory any more, the most essential thing for us is to learn by myself. Actually, when I first realized this sort of changes, I ignored it and I regretted soon as when I had the first lesson for the Physics, I couldn’t understand most of the things that the teacher said! I was so grateful that one of my friends came to my aid that she shared several useful experience for me and I managed to keep myself calm down and did the review. Finally, I found that most definitions for the words were in the book. With the understanding for the content, I have more motivation for my Physics study. Now, I think I could proudly tell you that I always do the preview and review for my lessons and it is getting easier to catch up the speed of the teacher.

Certainly, the kind help of the staffs and friends has a close link to my quick settling into ST Teresa’s.

During the weekends, my school always organises some outings. I have already been to Guilford, Dorking and London. Last time when I first reached the Natural History Museum in London, I was deeply attracted by it due to the amazing modules in it. It helped me a lot to have an impression on the earthquake, ocean movement and so no. Also, a geography student in my school told me other interesting things in the nature!