Category: 2014/15 Alessandra P. (Italy)

Last night I had a dream about my future exchange experience: in this dream I was in my future school listening to the teacher, I was relaxed and happy, I had a lot of friends and my life was satisfactory.

It’s almost a year that I am daydreaming about my English life, and I must confess that the questions and the doubts that haunt me are numerous. But there are a lot of reasons pushing me into the exchange lifestyle: for example, I am willing to know the English way to live, pretty different from the Italian one, I want to discover new and better sides of me, to face problems by myself, to grow up and to become a world citizen!

Although I am quite sure of the choice that I made, I also have normal concerns like: how can I fastly learn a new language? How can I get along with my host family? Will I have friends or will I stay alone? Will I miss my family and, mostly, the Italian pizza? Of course I will. But those aren’t good reasons not to live a fantastic experience as being an exchange student. Right now, no one could convince me to stay in Italy, because I am hungry to discover how my life will be, once in Canterbury. My countdown is almost over, my luggage is ready, my excitement is skyrocketing, and my head is already there, in Canterbury, 1242 miles from here, Naples.

This experience, not started yet, have already made me richer, allowing me to know people from all over the world who are going to live the same experience.

So, good luck to me and to all the upcoming exchange students!

I know that the beautiful dream I had last night was only a dream, but once someone told me that dreams come true if we want to!”