Category: 2017/18 Dmitriy K. (Ukraine)


Hi! My fun in Ukraine didn’t finish this summer, because my brother had a wedding on the 19th of August.

We enjoyed having a party like this and also meeting every part of the family….

Not all people understand how important family is, especially before journey like this! My advice: spend the right amount of time with your family, because it will be much harder without them.

That is a picture of me and all of my family members at the marriage ceremony.

On the 26th of August, my parents and I took a flight to Istanbul from Odessa, but it had almost 30 minutes delay. When we got off the plane, we ran a 4-kilometer marathon to our gate… BUT WE’VE MISSED IT! So yeah, we had to stay in Istanbul for one day.

These are some picturesque Istanbul views. We have been there almost for one day, but it was, anyway, a nice trip. Metro took us to the heart of Istanbul – the Sultanahmet district. Although we hadn’t had much time, our trail came through many unusual places like Blue Mosque, Sultanahmet square, and beautiful old streets.

When I arrived in Dublin seemed to me as very uncommon place. Dublin is the opposite of Odessa: 150 or more days raining, everything is green, people are not the same. When I was sitting on the bus from the airport and watching landscapes, I understood that it was love at first sight! I’ve also walked the streets in the center of Dublin. The city is certainly worth visiting.



Guess who this guy in the King’s Hospital school uniform is? By the time I’ve reached King’s Hospital, the school that HSI recommended for me, I thought it would be difficult to settle in the life of the school. In reality, it is so easy to make friends, and everyone can help you if you don’t understand something!

Don’t be shy, be sociable and if you can’t – try, because it’s one of the best things you can do!