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Seems like yesterday it was the first day of school, but Christmas is going to mark the half of the year very soon.

Everyone will go home to their families, as Christmas is the time to be together.

The Kings Hospital (KH) is now my second home, so it will be a novel feeling to come back and sleep in my bed in Odessa.

Though we shouldn’t relax yet – there is still some school work to do.

This is a picture of winter at my two homes: Odessa and King’s Hospital.

In KH we have lots of traditions. For example, on Tuesday the 19th will have Christmas jumper day. To participate you need two things: a Christmas jumper and two euro for charity.

Students help to decorate the school, so now the school has a lot of Christmas trees, garlands, Christmas lights. Also, at KH we have some Christmas traditions which we keep secret: only students at KH can know them… Seems intriguing, doesn’t it?

My boarding school has its own fascinating life, tradition (and secrets!) that you should experience yourself.

Here is a picture of my First Aid class workbook, all the theory and questions are there. The class was once a week on Wednesday evening from 8:00 to 9:30 – 10 classes overall. 5 classes for theory, 5 – for practice. And of course, recovery position, CPR and bandages are a lot more interesting than theory. I watched rugby matches as a first-aider and practiced bandages – it was enjoyable!



The pictures below are from my electronics rotation. My friends and I were soldering there. The proper soldering – soldering iron, soldering alloy and thermal insulation board.

Soldering is not as easy as it looks, it requires a lot of precision and if you missed something – your scheme is not working.

Fortunately, it is quite easy to get good at soldering. The picture is showing you quite an easy scheme with 2 lights blinking – first success. Hopefully, you can try it in future – worth it!

The year is tough with many challenges, but we are passing through them, as that’s our mission.

This is a picture of one of the snowy airports back in Ukraine. It’s so snowy that planes can’t land! Hopefully, everything’s is going to work, when I’m home.

Achieve new heights, leave all unnecessary in the outgoing year because in the new one you will experience lots of amazing and wonderful events and I also want to wish that your planes, trains, cars and you are always back home on time.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!