Category: 2014/15 Alessandra P. (Italy)

Can you believe is already Christmas time? Time flies, definitely, time flies. Things change and you wonder how you could have been changed so much in three months. Probably, because those are the best months of my life and this period is a new, fantastic discover of a world which, I thought, belongs to me but, actually, I belong to it.

It’s already been more than 100 days since I came in Canterbury and even though I got used to everything around me, there are always new surprises which amaze me and let me think that going abroad was definitely the best choice I could made. I would never swap my new reality with any else’s because it is completely mine, it suits perfectly on me and I could not ask for better.

Do I consider Canterbury my new home? Yes. Do I miss Naples? I do, but in a good way. I miss everything which I didn’t appreciate before. The little things. Like the weather, my comfortable bed, (I swear that the English one is very good as well), the radiator in the bathroom and the hugs and smile of the friends of mine.

Anyway I am going to see them again in 3 days: on Friday morning I am leaving England for 2 weeks, during the Christmas holiday, which I will spend in Italy with my friends and family. I am excited and happy to come back, because I am curious to see again the expression of every face seeing me, I haven’t told anyone that I am coming back! Can you imagine my best friend’s face when I will knock at her door?

I will definitely record a video.

I am also looking forward to seeing my family again. I consider my host family a family as well because of the relationship between each of us (the atmosphere when we did the Christmas tree was amazing) but I seriously want to hold my mum again in a warm hug and I will enjoy my time back in Italy.

I have lots of plans during my staying in Italy: I will relax, meeting friends, parties, shopping, New Year’s Eve! I will come back on the 1st of January, 4 days before the start of the new term at school. Basically the whole sixth form will have mock examination in that period, but year 12 IB program doesn’t do the exams after Christmas, therefore I can still be quiet and enjoy my holiday. I am not worried anyway because school is going well and it’s exciting seeing improvements with the language and with the understanding. Every day I learn new words. This is exchange life!

My luggage is almost ready. This time I will fly back to Italy but just for a short period because after that I will be again here, with my boyfriend and my English/Germans and from everywhere friends!

Have a lovely Christmas!