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Here I am again!

Happy New Year! “2015? You mean we are in the future?” [From Back to the future]

After Christmas holiday, I am ready to start my English life again.

I have spent Christmas time with my family and friends back in Italy. The surprise I did to my friends was incredible. No one knew I was coming back so, whereas they were at school, I have knocked the door of the classroom and… OMG! I cannot describe their faces. Everyone was amazed, surprised, and happy and they hugged me so hard! It was probably the best moment of my life. It’s amazing to understand how much your friends miss you when you are far away. Our lives go on but real friends will still stay by our side, no matter what.

So I have enjoyed my time in Italy. Of course I have spent every single second surrounded by lots of people and I never got bored, but I did miss my “new” life so I have looked forward to coming back and I could not wait. So, after a great New Year’s Eve, I was again on a plane on my way to Canterbury.

The school has started again. While everyone is having Mock exams, I don’t have to revise because my exams will be in May, since I am doing the IB program. So the time was very stressful for everybody, except for me! Therefore I have decided not to waste my time and travel! Of course my favourite aim was London. Even though I have been there several times, London is an incredible city that I adore and there’s always something to see and visit. My time back in London was great: shopping, food, parks, relax. I calm myself down in that big, overcrowded, amazing city. I have also found out that travelling alone is something that I do like. Smelling around new places, wandering, buying presents for family and friends. It makes me feel even richer and more grateful for who is giving me the possibility to live here in England.

Apart from traveling, I am also spending time with my boyfriend and my friends. At this time of the year, the group of friends is by now formed and we spend lot of time together, maybe just hanging around or whatever but it’s very nice that all of us get along, because the laughs are numerous and we enjoy ourselves every day.

I am also having a look in internet for Uni. My mind is almost clear and since here I am studying both Chemistry and Biology at high level (with the IB program), I am sure I will apply for scientific subjects. I am still looking around, since I have plenty of time but I will look for work experiences that are required for the entry requirements.

In the meanwhile I am just relaxing, eating a lot as usual (hehe), enjoying my time here and improving my English!

See you next month!