Category: 2017/18 Niccolo F. (Italy)

Hello my Readership,

It’s been almost four months since my arrival here in Rochester. The winter is arriving, it’s 3 days that here in Rochester is freezing but it’s also raining and snowing.

I want to tell you more about the subjects that I’m attending, especially the topics that I’m studying in each subject.

The topics that I’m studying in Maths, Statistics and Mechanics are the Algebraic methods for Maths, Force and motion for Mechanics. In Latin, we are doing at the same time literature, prose and grammar. We are reading and translating a text written by Tibullus, Pro Milone written by Cicero. For German, we are studying some grammar topics and a lot of vocabulary useful for improving our speaking.

Every single subject is going really well and I’m really glad for what I’m doing here.

Here at King’s I’m practicing swimming. We have swimming training twice a week, the training is pretty hard especially when I have to do long distances. I’m better in short distances instead of long.

The swimming pool where we train is 25 meters long. During this first term, we didn’t have any races because the races are starting in January. At the beginning of February, I’m racing in a competition called Kent Competition. The team and I will have a lot of races in February and March.

During these 4 months, I have known a lot of boys and girls, not only of the boarding house but also the other people of the school.

Some Fridays and also some weekends I met some of these boys and girls and they often invite me to their house. All people at King’s are friendly and nice.

At King’s we have been doing lots of fun things as Christmas approaches.

On Thursday 7 December, we had a special evening. We had Christmas dinner. All borders, the boarding staff, the headmaster and some teachers came to the boys boarding House called School House for having a great and nice dinner all together.

On Tuesday 12 December, we had the Border Christmas party. Every people received a gift from his Secret Santa. We danced, ate and enjoyed this special evening.

On Wednesday 13 December, we’re going to Chatham, a city near Rochester, we are going there because we’re going to have dinner all together. Then after dinner we are going to a special Christmas festival.

Finally, on Saturday 16 December, I’ll come back to Italy for 3 weeks in order to celebrate Christmas, the New Year with my parents, relatives and friends.

Happy Christmas!