Category: 2015/16 Yiran L. (China)

I have back to Ireland for half a month now. And this week is Halloween week we have 9 days for holiday. That’s really exciting, and my friend Honoka had move to our host family for this week. I felt such a big exciting when I heard that. Then I planned to visit somewhere interesting this week.

The first place I planned to go is Dublin Castle. So I went there with Honoka on Saturday last weekend that was very nice. They just opened a small part of castle but we still felt really excited. It was really gorgeous inside. After we went to the castle we go to eat the hamburger in the burger king I ordered a Halloween special burger and the bread was black. That’s really funny! Also delicious.

At afternoon, we went to the kilmainham gaol. That was a jail museum. It was using at 80eras and turned into a museum now. You will feel so sad when you got in there. Everything was monotonous, dirty and oppressive. At first, they showed us a movie about the jail at 80eras. There were even a lot of kids in the jail and they were all really young. I felt so sad when I saw that movie. How can that be! Well at end, that was a nice day. And now, I’m planning to find a library and a dance house for study.

Happy Halloween! Trick or treat?!