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In my last blog, I told you about the big hurling final and Galway, after 29 years, won!!

One of the players (John Hanbury), who used to be a student at St. Endas came back to his school and held a little speech. But he wasn’t the only one who visited the pupils that day: a lot of elder Hurling players came and told us, how amazing the school was and how happy they were to be here again.

Everyone was thrilled, the atmosphere was amazing!

A few days ago, we (my friends and I) decided, to visit the cliffs of Moher…

…Even though I was so sure that someone would fall off (nobody did), this just made me love Ireland more. The cliffs are huge and we saw the waves crashing against the rocks, so impressive, yet so beautiful! Even the weather was perfect that day, the sun was shining until the sunset when we had to go back home. Amazing!

It was a lovely day, again sunshine aaaaall the time and we had a picnic!

We sat down at those stone-stairs, talked for hours and watched a lot of Irish dogs enjoying the sea. (That green stuff is guacamole, if you haven’t tried it, you should, it’s amazing. :D)

We have 50mins of lunch break every day, and that’s where I took this snap!

It’s somehow strange to stay at school until at least 15:10 every day, but by now I got used to it. I miss to have a little bit more time in the afternoon, because now I come home and just study, and after that it’s too late to meet someone… But it makes the weekends more exciting to do stuff with your friends. 😀

The subjects in Ireland are a lot different to the ones in Germany, like Agricultural Science for example. I chose this as one of my classes and I don’t regret it: I really like it! It’s very interesting to learn all that stuff, especially all that stuff about sheep, because they’re my favourite animals!

I have to get up pretty early every day for school, because I live a little outside of Galway, but to walk past this every morning is just too beautiful! It makes you feel good, even though you know, that your first class today is maths… 😀

It’s my third blog now, and nothing has changed my opinion about Ireland: simply amazing! People are so friendly, even the bus drivers!

Last week I’ve missed my bus home, so I bought a pack of sweets in a paper bag. It was raining that day, so my bag was completely destroyed and one bus driver walked by me, saw my sweets, took them and walked into a little house for bus drivers. He came out two minutes later and gave me a bag made out of plastic.

I love my host family, I could really say I’m home here now, and if it was to me, I’d never leave!