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This month went so quickly with a lot of fun activities. I didn’t expect this year would be so nice! I’m spending a lot of fun and tough (studying) time with my new friends.

This month, I think studying is getting more difficult and I cannot understand lessons sometimes. So my friend and I study together to teach each other our strong subjects. We had exams in the first week of October. I sat chemistry, math’s and biology exams. I was struggling with biology so much because there were many key terms that I had to remember and most parts of the exam required writing, which is my weakness… I think I’ll need to study harder despite my results.

I had a badminton match at the end of September. I played single, ladies doubles and mixed doubles. I got 2nd place in ladies doubles! But I think I could have done better in singles and mixed doubles, so I want to practice more to improve my skills.
I don’t play badminton as much as when I was in Japan and how we train is a lot different, so I miss my teammate and coach in Japan so much. But I’m also enjoying my new environment.



On 28th of September, I went to Buckingham Palace on a boarding trip.
There are a lot of beautiful pictures and gorgeous rooms.

That was my first time to visit there, so I was really excited. We had a tour guide for each person so we could go through individually and concentrate on viewing:)

After we went to Buckingham Palace, we went to a shopping centre in London. I was surprised how big that shopping mall is!

We didn’t have enough time to see around all shops in there, but we had a fun time looking around and I hope I can visit there again one day:)



My friend turned 18 years old this month, so we did a surprise for him.

My friends and I made strawberry cake for him:) the sponge inside was a little bit hard because we had never made strawberry cake…but the taste was very good especially the creams:)

I still can remember clearly his face when we brought the cake to him and started singing!
I hope it was one of the best birthdays for him:)

We have half term break from next week! I’m so excited to meet my host family for this break again!

Thank you for reading.

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