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Happy New Year!! This is my 5th blog.

I went back to Japan to celebrate new year with my family.  I did a lot of things there, but before I talk about that, I will talk about the Christmas ball…

We had our Christmas ball on 10th of December. At the Christmas ball, we took photos, ate dinner and danced if we wanted. That was my second time and I found it a lot more fun this time since we were all energetic for dancing after dinner.

It was my first experience so I just imitated what my friends did, but I was so excited, and it would be my best Christmas ball.Even the teachers there danced. I will never forget the scene where a lot of them were dancing YMCA on the tables!

And I could take a lot of photos with my fiends even though we didn’t know each other that much, these are my memories.

In Japan, I spent a lot of wonderful time with my family and friends. The things I miss the most in Japan are people. It’s fun to talk to my friends in the UK, but they are different from Japanese friends and family because I feel nostalgic.

I can’t choose which I prefer, but while I’m in England, I realize how irreplaceable the common days are. The other thing that I miss is my dogs. They became prettier in my eyes, and they were still friendly with me. I already miss them one day after being back.

And I could celebrate my sister’s 20th birthday together on 24th of December! 20 years is quite an important year for Japanese, so I’m so happy that I could stay with her on that important day. My sister wore traditional Kimono. And all my family members took pictures together which we haven’t done for a long time, I can’t wait to see the pictures that we took. My sister seemed uncomfortable with her Kimono while we were eating dinner with relatives, and she was a bit grumpy about that, but it suited her so much and she looked beautiful.


I also hung out with my friends during the holiday. They haven’t changed a lot from last time, and we talked about a lot of things with each other.

I like to listen about their school life especially, because many things have been changed since I was there.

To be honest, I didn’t look forward to coming back to school as we have assessment week soon, but when I thought about my friends, I was really excited to see them again. I feel the time passes so quickly with my school life.

So I appreciate the present moment and do my best for everything. And in half term break, I’m traveling to Germany with my friend. I’ll write about my experience in Germany in my blog!!

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