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Finally, my school started this month! I’m so excited for my new year now.

I’m doing mathematics, chemistry and biology as A level subjects, sometimes it’s hard for me because I’m learning something I’ve never done and also I still need to practice my English.

It’s tougher than last year, but I’m really motivated now:)

I had some activities with boarding students. We went to the adventure playground which is about 1 hour away from our school. 

That day was wonderful weather and we had so much fun all day.


In the morning, we were canoeing for 1 hour. We had to row the canoe together but I felt a little sleepy because of the warm weather. And also, I just realized how weak I am compared to others because it was a bit hard for me to keep rowing the canoe and I wasn’t sure if my rowing was helpful for the canoe. But it was really good experience for me to do canoeing.

After that, we played in the adventure playground. Some of the equipment was really high and made me anxious, but after I saw younger students had done them, I told myself to go. After I reached the top of the equipment, I thought that it was higher than I had expected, but we had so much fun:)

At first, I was a bit nervous because there were some students who I’ve never talked to in my team. But at the end of the day, I really enjoyed all activities. 

I think it’s a bit awkward to talk to students who are from other countries and have different cultures. Sometimes I’m a bit passive when communicating with them, but this year, I’ll try to be more active!!

We have “fun Thursday” every week in boarding. It is a kind of boarding activity in the evening. Last week, we made sushi with all girls boarding students. I couldn’t reproduce Japanese traditional sushi, but it was amazing and we decided to make international food every Thursday from next week since sushi was quite successful. I’m really looking forward to doing that because in boarding, there are a lot of students who are from different countries such as Germany, Spain, China, Hong Kong and so on. I’m going to show what we will do in a blog next month as well:)

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