Category: 2015/16 Yiran L. (China)

On 17th to 19th of August I had a competition in China. It was a competition about child model. I felt great with that. And then I had traveled Beijing for few days.

On 23rd of August 1oclock in China I got on the plane to Paris. Everything is a challenge for me but I tried my best to do all of them. After 10 hours fly I arrived in Paris. I changed a plane in Paris and then after 3 hours I arrived in Dublin. It was raining heavily in Dublin but it can’t break my happy feeling!

The dad and sister from host family that High Schools International arranged for me came to welcome me. They looked so nice. The host family gave a room for me. It was near to the sea. It was so beautiful when you stand and look at there. I love it very much. Mom from host family was really nice. She is so patient to translate everything for me.

On 27th of August I went to the school first time. I was so surprise that school was so big and beautiful and the teachers in there were really nice and funny I had a really great time at there. At this week’s Monday I started my school day. I chose my favorite classes for this year. There’s so many subject for us here. That’s great!

Now I’m really enjoy my school day now.