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Wow, January has actually never been so fast! We are almost halfway through February already, and do you know what that means? The mid-term break is right around the corner! I have so many exciting plans for the mid-term, I honestly can’t wait. So, for the first weekend my sister and her boyfriend are coming to visit me, and then my friend from Norway is also coming.

And guess what! I am going to Italy to visit Nina (the Italian girl who was in my school from the summer until Christmas). I am very excited to see her again, and to go to Italy of course!

Well, enough about the mid-term. Let’s talk about what I’ve been up to in January, which is quite a lot actually.

The weekend after I got back from Norway I went to Funderland to celebrate my friend’s 17th birthday. Funderland is an amusement park that they put up every year for Christmas here in Dublin. I love amusement parks, and I really enjoyed Funderland!


I have also been to the city centre a lot, as always, hehe. I just love the atmosphere in Dublin city centre, but it’s hard to describe, it must be experienced!

A few weeks ago I actually went to a museum with a few friends from school. We went to the Chester Beatty museum, which was very pretty!

To be completely honest, going to museums is not really my favourite hobby, so I have to admit I was getting bored after about an hour, but if you like going to museums and are interested in religion you should definitely check it out! It is free as well, so why not give it a go?

Look at this really cool statute placed in the garden outside the Chester Beatty museum. I absolutely love this picture!


January also means going back to school after the Christmas holiday, which means homework and studying has to be done…

Since I don’t really like studying alone I have been going to Starbucks A LOT to study with friends. There is just something about meeting up, getting a nice and warm coffee, talking and studying together you know. Well, at least we try to get some studying done. Sometime it goes like this, but I promise, we are productive sometimes..

Of course there has been some normal days where I have just been doing the normal everyday-stuff too, but I have to say, January here in Ireland was way more exciting than my January at home in Norway would have been.

I have also been going to my dance classes and the gym with my friend Lara. Gotta keep up those new year’s resolutions you know!


I can’t talk about this month without mentioning the sleepover that I’ve been to!

Two weeks ago I went to a sleepover with five of my friends. We just made hot chocolate, watched a movie and played uno.

It was such a nice and relaxing night, even though we didn’t get that much sleep, haha!

The morning after we all went to the city centre to get breakfast at this super cute and trendy café.

Yeah, that pretty much sums up my January here in Dublin, but I will be back with a new blog post before you know it!

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