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Hello, I am Maria, I am 12 years old and I live in Spain. Today I am very nervous… I am going to travel to Ireland!!! But I will not go alone I will also go with my sister Sara. I’ve already said goodbye to my family, I’m going to miss them a lot… I don’t know how I didn’t get lost with Sara (my sister) at the airport.

I’m on the plane, I hope I have a good trip.

After taking our suitcases we went to the exit where a very nice man and woman were waiting for us. They took us to a bus, when I got off the bus my family was waiting for me with a smile.

My host family is very nice and kind to me. On weekends we usually go somewhere for a walk because my family know the area and we have a good time. I’ve already started school.

I still don’t have any friends, but I’m talking with the students and they are friendly. I have signed up for football and I liked it, I have won a medal!

I am beginning to have more confidence with my host family and I like that. At school I have made friends, they are very good with me and we have a great time.

The other day I was a little sad because I missed my family and I was having a hard time making friends, but I’m already much better, I talk to my family every day for ten minutes, that makes me feel better and I’m also making friends!. I have a good time with them.


I am learning new hobbies like hockey. I like it a lot and I have a great time. It has become one of my favorite sports. I also have a great time with my host family. They are very good with and very nice. A girl like me has come to study. Her name is Thordis. She is older than me, but she is very nice with me.

At school, at the beginning, it was a bit difficult for me to understand the things that the teachers said, but little by little I understand them better. I am also very happy since I talk to my sister every day since we go to school together and there are weekends that we meet.

And this has been my first month in Ireland!

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