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Hi, I am back again with my third blog post.

This month has gone so fast. I don’t even know where the time went! I am not gonna lie: Some school days feel like forever!!

Last week we went on a biology trip to a farm, and that was so much fun!

There is a farm called Airfield, not too far from my school, where we spent a whole day studying ecosystems. I must admit, when I found out we were studying insects instead of the
animals on the farm, I was a little disappointed…

Luckily we were allowed to stay at the farm as long as we wanted to when we finished our “study of an ecosystem”. The farm was very beautiful. My friends and I really enjoyed our day there!

And of course, I have also been to the city centre a few times since my last blog post. The shopping in Dublin is a lot better than in Norway, so I have probably spent a little more money than I should… Sorry mom and dad!

They actually have a lot of good second hand shops here as well, which I think is really cool.

I can’t write about the city centre without mentioning the food! I tried “Five Guys” for the first time in my life and let me just tell you, their milkshake is amazing! I have also been to a place called “Bubble Waffle Factory” with some friends.

It is a small, adorable bubble waffle shop located in the Temple Bar area. And if you have never heard about bubble waffles before, this picture says it all.

Yes, It tasted as good as it looks!



I have been to quite a lot of yoga classes since I got here. I find it really relaxing and fun as well!

My friend from school has also joined the gym now, so we like working out together after school, or going to yoga classes in the evenings.

I am still doing my dance classes at a place called “Miss Ali Stage School” and I love it so much!

The dance instructor is great, and the atmosphere in the dance studio is just amazing. Not only is it fun learning dancing, it is also a really good workout!

Look at the beautiful view I had during a workout at the gym.

We have our mid term break next week and I can’t wait! I am going to Liverpool to meet my family for the first half of the break. and I am very excited to see them again. I will get back to Ireland on the 30th of October, the day before Halloween!!

Halloween is such a big deal here, people have been talking about it for a month. I am so excited for decorating the house, dressing up and even going to Halloween parties!

Guess what, we are allowed to dress up in school the last Friday before the mid term. I have started working on my costume, because I want it to be a good one.

The nature here in Ireland is so pretty, and I just had to include this picture. I took
this when I was taking a walk in a park very close to where I live. The sky is so incredibly  beautiful!

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