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This is a quite complicated month for me. It’s almost all about study and pressure. My leaving cert exams started on the Wednesday, June 5th. The first exam was English paper 1. It went quite well. The paper wasn’t too hard, and I finished it on time. English paper 2 was difficult, however, I’m so proud of myself as for the first time, I finished the whole paper in 3 hours and 20 minutes!

The second week was okay, I only had math’s and French and they were both good. I got really stressed and thankfully I have the best friends in the world. My friend Selina texts me every day to encourage me.

My host family said they were all very proud of me and Teresa said to me: “I believe you can do whatever you want and be whoever you want to be, you have the ability, there’s no doubt about that.” That was so warm and that’s all I need at that time.



At the weekend after the exams, I went to London with my friend Josephine. It was a good decision, we had a great time there.

We went to the famous Chinese restaurant called Laos. They had their first overseas one in London.

We went shopping in Selfridge. Well I did lots of window shopping on that day.

On the following day, Josephine took me to UCL. It’s such a beautiful and ideal school.



I have made up my decision to repeat the leaving cert in institute next year. I know my leaving cert result won’t be too bad and it’s tough to repeat. I am also aware of the difficulties but I am determined and I’m doing it.

My dream is to go to a world top 10 university since I was 7, I still believe I’ve got the ability to do it.


My flight was on the 27th of June. That was a sorrowful day since I’m leaving Teresa, Bryne, Sarah and Ireland. They really have treated me as a family member, and I got care, love and support from them during the past two years with them. I’m so lucky to have lived with them, and to meet Naoise and Carly.

What’s more, I am so lucky to be in Dalkey and to get those loving and lovely friends. I really don’t want to leave. There was sadness and stress among the past years, it’s a normal thing, but there is no doubt that this is a memorable, wonderful and precious experience. It’s my treasure. Coming to Ireland has been my bravest and best decision.

I will remember every single person I have met, every single smile I have got, every scene I have seen and every sunny day (as there’s not a lot 😂) By the way, the tellurion said that I’m going to marry an Irish boy… I’m quite looking forward to it now! 😂

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