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This month was fairly quiet in comparison to others. School started a few days after I came back.

A few subjects had changed: instead of a maths study class, we now have something called RSE.

Those letters stand for relationship sexual education and basically what you do is leaning about different relationships between people.

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Niccolo on the slopes

Hello my Readership,

I come back for telling you more about my experience in England.

It’s nearly five months since my arrival here in Rochester. The school is started again 3 weeks ago, after 3 weeks holiday.  During my time in Italy I did lots of things with my parents and my friends.

I spent my Christmas with my family, we had a very big and delicious lunch.  My grandmother, my uncle and my aunt came to my house for tasting traditional Italian food as every year. For my family having a big lunch for Christmas is part of my family tradition for 40 years.

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Dima's Cross Country Team

Hello everybody!

My family and I have spent great holidays in Ukraine! Yes, that’s me in the picture!

Did you know that people in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus have more celebrations for the New Year than Christmas?

And that our Orthodox Christian Christmas is on 6-7th of January?

We have a long-living tradition of Koledari - Ukrainian traditional songs about Christmas, that are sung on 6th and 7th of January - usually young boys and girls come to the neighbouring houses to do the singing.

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