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Nico lifts the trophy!

Hello, my readership,

After about a month I come back to tell you about my new life/experience in Rochester, England.  It’s been one month and a half since I’m here and I’m used to life, food, weather.  I met a lot of new friends here and this help me for improving my English speaking. I think that my speaking is already improved a bit. The subjects that I’m attending are going very well and now I find every easier compared to the beginning.

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Romy and friend at school

In my last blog, I told you about the big hurling final and Galway, after 29 years, won!! And one of the players (John Hanbury), who used to be a student at St. Endas came back to his school and held a little speech. But he wasn’t the only one who visited the pupils that day: a lot of elder Hurling players came and told us, how amazing the school was and how happy they were to be here again. Everyone was thrilled, the atmosphere was amazing!

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Dima and friends at the zoo

Hi, that's me again!

This is a picture of us in the Dublin Zoo - one of the best attractions in Ireland. On a rare sunny Irish day, the zoo becomes an excellent place with a variety of fascinating animals.

But I'm sure that walking alone there would have been a waste of time! You can only have fun with a group of friends.

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