• Students who want to spend a term/semester or a year in Ireland, the UK, the USA or Canada, experience school life and a social life in that country and who want to perfect their English
  • Students who want to gain entry to a University either in their chosen country, or another which accepts that country's High School qualifications as an entry qualification
  • Students who wish to follow the full High School program of their chosen country from age 12 or 13
  • You must be aged between 8 and 18 years
  • You must have a reasonable level of English
  • You must have achieved average or better than average grades in your last two school years
  • You must be in good health
  • You must be positive about participating in the program and be prepared to make the effort to adapt when you arrive

We continue to accept applications as long as there are suitable vacancies – usually until the end of August. However you should remember that there are limited vacancies in all schools – and there are more Standard Schools than Elite Schools, and more Elite Schools than Boarding Schools.  We strongly recommend that you are guided by these dates:

Private Schools: September Start: Apply by early April
Public (State) Schools: September Start: Apply by early May / January Start: Apply by early October

Of course the earlier you apply the more choice you may have.

Yes – if you pass the exams in the final year. You will normally need to spend two years in a school before taking any official examinations.  If your grades in your final exams are good enough you can then apply for entry to the university of your choice.  

If you study with us in Ireland and achieve your Leaving Certificate, you can also apply to any British University.

If you study with us in the UK and achieve your A Levels or IB diploma you can also apply to any Irish University.

Of course while you may choose a school, the school will also ultimately choose you! Most schools have their own entry criteria and most schools have a limited capacity – so even if you are a brilliant student with fluent English, there may not be a suitable vacancy for you in your chosen school or school year. Here again HSI can assist you by recommending schools.

When you have completed your application and provided us with all the information we need, we will match you to the best school that meets your needs - and this includes subject requirements. . If you have specific subjects requirements, it is essential that we are aware of these when you make your application. Remember that not all schools offer the same subjects and this is where our local knowledge and expertise is really helpful.