Become a Host Family

Host Families are crucial to the success of any homestay study abroad experience.  Most students will be living with their host family for at least three months, and some will be staying for a whole academic year, or perhaps even two!  This is why it is so important that our host families meet the standards that we expect of them, and that we carefully match each of our students with the right host family for them.

We expect our host families to treat any of our students living with them just like a member of their own family. This means that our students must live by your house rules, and contribute towards family life as any other member of the family would. In return, they will get a warm, friendly environment and be included in any family experiences.  

We understand that families come in all shapes and sizes, just so long as you fit the following criteria, we would like to hear from you:

  • you have a spare room in your house (single/private).
  • you can provide space for a student to study away from excessive noise or distraction.
  • you are excited by the prospect of learning about new cultures and countries.
  • you and your family's lifestyle can accommodate the needs and demands of a young person.

If you think that you could provide a safe and supportive living environment for a young international student, then we would love to hear from you.  Please contact us through the form on our Contacts page, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. explaining who you are and where you are located.