Assessments & Entry Criteria


Our Pre-application

We begin our assessment of your suitability for a High Schools International study abroad program with three things:

1. Our Pre-Application enquiry form

2. Evidence of your level of English

3. You last two years of school transcripts

Our Pre-Application form is a short question form which helps us to understand your requirements and preferences, and a few other important things about you which will help us determine which program and schools are most appropriate to help you reach your goals.

english proficiency

You can provide us with an official, recognised certificate of your attainment level in English (IELTS, TOEFL etc.) or you can sit our Pre-Arrival English test, under the supervision of your local High Schools International Agency Partner.  

English level is not a barrier to entry to the High Schools International program, however students with a weaker level of English may be restricted in which schools and courses they can access.

Academic record

Your school transcripts are important to us, not because we expect you to be an outstanding academic student, but we do want to see that you have the capablity and motivation to study an academic course in a foreign language, so you will need to have average or better grades as a minimum, for the last two years.  

Some schools are selective in their entry criteria, meaning that only students whose academic history meets their minimum requirements will be considered.