Student Advisors

Our Student Advisors are our team of dedicated student welfare professionals and will be our students' main point of contact throughout the duration of their program.


Arrival Orientation

Each student is allocated a Student Advisor and will be contacted by them soon after their arrival in Ireland, the UK, the USA or Canada.  Our Student Advisors will meet their students within the first week of them being in the country and will give them an orientation session, helping htem to familiarise themselves with the school and the local area.


Regular contact

After this first meeting, each student will have a face-to-face meeting with their Student Advisor every 4 to 6 weeks. This is an informal session, where the student and Student Advisor can talk over the experiences that the student is having.  It is a good opportunity for our students to raise any concerns they might have and our Student Advisors will help them to overcome any issues they might be facing.


Progress Reports

Following each face-to-face meeting, our Student Advisors will write a progress report for each student, detailing how the student is progressing academically, socially, and how they are finding their living arrangements.  This progress report will be given to the students' parents, so they have a professional and independent report on their son or daughter's progress.


Additional support

Student Advisors can be contacted by students during normal office hours, and are contactable by telephone, text message or email.  They are our students' first point of call for information or anything else they need.  Outside of normal working hours, students have access to a 24/7 emergency telephone number, so there is always a member of High Schools International staff available to speak to.