Our Schools

We work with hundreds of schools across Ireland, the UK, the USA and Canada.  We constantly review the schools we offer to our students to ensure that we are only working with the very best that our destination countries have to offer.



Often one of the first things that students and their parents think about when considering a study abroad program is the location of the school.  

Naturally, people tend to request the biggest cities in the country they are considering (London, New York, Los Angeles...).  Whilst we work with a small number of schools in cities as large as this, we regularly find that the most succesful placements take place in schools that are away from these big cities.  

Most of our schools are in small cities or towns, and provide a more typical and traditional experience than the big metropolis cities.  Students in smaller towns also find that they integrate much easier and make friends with people in their local neighbourhood, making it easy for them to see their new friends outside of school.  

It also goes without saying that smaller towns are much safer environements for young people than big cities, and the safety of our students is our primary concern.



All of the schools we work with will have strong academic records, and all will provide an ideal environment for learning.  

Some of our partner schools will feature in the top 10 schools in their country.  These are excellent schools which provide high level teaching for students which can demonstrate that they have a consistently outstanding record of academic achievement.  These schools are fiercely competitive, but if you have the academic record they require and the motivation to succeed, we will be able to secure you a place at a top school.

It goes without saying that most schools do not feature in the top 10 or even top 50 schools in a given country.  

This does not mean that they are not extremely good schools, it just means that they are less selective with the students that they accept, and they will have a broader range of academic abilities at the school.  Students with a strong but not flawless academic record will have every opportunity to do as well as they possibly can at these schools, and many will progress on to top Universities.

Many of the schools we work with will have specialisms in particular areas.  Perhaps they are very strong in the Sciences or Maths, or they might have particularly impressive Sports or Performing Arts facilities.  Our Placements Managers in each country are your source of knowledge to help you select the right school for you.