High School Study Abroad Programs


Global experience

We have 25 years experience in placing international students into schools in Ireland, the United Kingdom, the USA and Canada.

Local Knowledge

We have local offices in each of our destination countries, staffed with specialist Placement Managers, some of whom have been working with High Schools International for over 20 years.

We work with hundreds of schools across our 4 destination countries, and so are able to find the perfect school for any student.


Our extensive experience has helped us to understand that the most successful students are the happy students because happy students can concentrate on their studies.

We also know that the happiest students are the ones that like their school and their living environment and feel like it meets all of their needs and expectations.

Individual attention

To ensure that all of our students are placed in the perfect school for them, we provide each student with a professional consultation and school recommendation service.

Our Placement Managers will take the time to learn about you, who you are as a student and what your requirements and preferences are as a student and as a young person.

Once we feel that we know enough about you, we will make you several recommendations of suitable schools based on what we have learned about you.  

Personal recommendations

Our recommendations will be specifically tailored for you, and will be a selection of the best schools which have availability for you, and which meet most or all of your requirements.

Once we have made our recommendations, you and your parents will be able to decide which school you would like to apply to.